I just ushered in my new year singing fall out boy into a microphone on a table with this one. Yep. And it all started out so wholesome. #itsgonnabeagoodyear #angstyteensofthe2000s

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Sassy lady feasts on pyramids with overdressed man #standard

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My shoes matched the floral.

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Look at this fucking awesome teapot my roomie @emihah got me. I feel another housemate award brewing.

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With @summerblossom_rochelle (at Centennial Parklands)

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Don’t pretend for a second you’re not jealous of the spice girls tshirt I’m wearing to work today.

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Keith Richards with Mick Jagger, 1965

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BUT HOW DID THEY KNOW???? #marketing

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Found the recipe to our childhood at mum’s house ♥
@ladybugamus @summerblossom_rochelle

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